Disguise a low ceiling with these tricks

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"I'd like to think there are a couple of advantages of having a low ceiling," says interior designer Juliet Coleman of Juliet Coleman Interiors. "It would be easier to paint and those cobwebs would be far more reachable."

Small advantages aside, it's a good idea to mitigate the hemmed in feeling of low ceilings with a few design tricks.

Tip One.

Start with lighting. You'd think spotlights are the way to go, says Coleman, but there are plenty of other options. "Make use of wall lights instead of a central light. Track lighting works well if you're creating a contemporary space, and if you're wanting to go down the route of suspended lighting, look for short hanging options and make sure they're situated over furniture."

Tip Two.

Window treatments are the next design feature to turn your attention to. 
Interior designer Hayley-Anne Brown of Lou Brown Design suggests taking curtains right up to sit just below the ceiling, "this will give your room added height."  Drapes instead of blinds will also give the room the appearance of extra height and fabrics with a vertical pattern or stripe, rather than a large busy pattern or horizontal stripe will also help, she says. 

In terms of colour it's best to use the same colour on the ceilings as the walls says Brown.
"If you choose a white for the walls then go one or two shades lighter of that same white for the ceilings," she says, "ceilings receive less light and more shadow and therefore appear darker." 

Nikki Morris Resene colour consultant suggests painting the walls and trims the same colour will achieve the same effect. And what shade? Brown and Coleman both say go dark. It creates a cosy
atmosphere and without a white ceiling, doesn't attract the eye upwards.

Tip Three.

Don't be fooled into only buying too much low profile furniture. Instead it's all about creating balance.

"Blur your eyes and scan the room, if everything is the same height you'll need to add levels," says Brown, "use a tall plant, art, mirrors, floor lamps or a vertical bookshelf." 
In saying that, you don't want to buy too much tall furniture. Choosing furniture that is lower to
the ground will trick the eye into thinking the room is taller than it is. Luckily legless furniture was a trend spotted at Milan design week.


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