About Juliet Coleman

My Philosophy

I pride myself on design that is practical, creative and cost-effective. A beautiful home or room doesn't need to cost a fortune. I like to re-use existing items, and focus on using simple things to create interest. One or two carefully chosen pieces in a simple room can make all the difference, adding character and creating a real point of difference.
A home needs to be functional as well as beautiful. I think long-term about how spaces will be used, designing rooms that will be comfortable and practical now and in the future.

​My style

My style is eclectic – I like to mix old with new, and use inspiration from around the world to create my designs. I focus on providing tasteful, simple designs that meet the practical needs of my clients, but also add beauty and style in creative and clever ways.I'm fortunate to have spent many years living and working in other countries, and have been exposed to a wide range of styles and philosophies. 

Juliet Coleman Interiors | Design | Home and Living | Waikato, Cambridge

My passion has always been interior design. Originally from South Africa, I attended Boston House College Design School in CapeTown where I completed a two year Diploma in Interior Design before moving to Johannesburg, where I worked in the retail industry designing layouts and finishes for stores and supermarkets. In 1992 I moved to the United Kingdom where I worked in partnership with my builder husband, Sean, on numerous renovations in and around London. Sean and I moved to New Zealand in 2002 with our children, and are now based in the lovely town of Cambridge in the Waikato.

"The style of an era does not mean specific forms in a specific form of art; each form is just one of the many symbols of life within, each art form is a mere contribution to the style. Yet a style is the symbol of an overall feeling, of an era's attitude to life, and is only visible within the universe of all the arts." 
Peter Behrens, Feste des Lebens und der Kunst [Celebrations of Life and Art], Jena, 1900



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