Cambridge Refresh

I was approached by the owner to come and help revive and give a new look to her main living rooms and the master bedroom.

Nothing had been done to it for a good 14 years,  so I went in and helped Ros with an over hall of those main areas but at the same time repainting the interior, front door and wooden trims to give a fresher lighter overall feel.  The tiles on the floor were kept as underfloor heating and too risky to replace with wooden floor boards, so had to work with them. 

All the lights were replaced with new ones to add a more modern touch as some of the existing ones gave of very little light and creating an uninviting space, especially in the second living room.  Master bedroom lights stayed as the owner wanted to keep it.

Changing all the window treatments to new curtains and blinds made a big difference too.

A lot of new furniture and soft furnishings were introduced to tie in with some of the existing furniture that Ros chose to keep. 

Overall the spaces are very pleasing and a lot more welcoming.  Ros is very happy with the end result.




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