Hahei Bach

A bach in Hahei that the owners wanted to spruce up and make a number of changes.  The client wanted it to look fresh and modern but still have that comfortable bach feel that wasn’t too precious, as grandchildren and family were regular visitors.

A total paint, new floors throughout made a massive difference.  The kitchen went from being small and pokey to a lovely open space but still keeping the same layout as one was limited anyway.  A couple of walls knocked out, a white kitchen, simple but with good appliances has made this a great space. 

The living room configuration was changed to allow for a window seat to admire the beautiful view which was initially the space for the TV and the blind was always down.  The old couches were re-upholstered in good outdoor fabric so durable and tolerant to the sun.  A new rug and soft furnishings have completed the look, of which the owners are now very happy.  


AFTER - first three images
BEFORE - last three images

Living Room

AFTER - first three images
BEFORE - last three images


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